freizeitRecreation and cultural activities

In this category, we have gathered a range of offers for you to make your free time as enjoyable as possible. These offers range from visiting a Museum or Theater to going on a trip or meeting new people – there is something for everyone.

Bremerhaven has a lot to see, try it out!

  • Which sports can I do in Bremerhaven?

    The parks are great for running, cycling, jogging and walking.

    In addition, there are numerous sport clubs that offer regular meetings and training for groups. They often have their own club house where they meet. You might have to pay to become a member of a sport club, but often there are special rules for refugees.

  • Which cultural events can I find Bremerhaven?

    Bremerhaven has a wide range of Theatres, Cinemas, Museums and other cultural venues (bars, discotheques, concert halls). Often they offer a reduced entrance fee or even offer free entry.

    In addition, Bremerhaven has nine community centres where people of all generations and backgrounds are welcome. Their offers range from Cafés and communal cooking to concerts, tournaments and seminars.

    For kids and teenagers every district offers Youth Centres (“Freizis”). They offer a lot of different activities and are open to all young people.

  • What is the best way to explore Bremerhaven?

    Bremerhaven offers many outdoor activities, most of them are free. In addition to going for a walk in the “Bürgerpark” or along the Weser meadows right in the city centre, there are many options to take part in cycling tours or hiking trips to the surrounding regions. In the summer, the lakes invite you for an outdoor swim.

    There are also guided tours – which are often free for refugees – where  you can learn about the City of Bremen and its rich cultural scene.

  • How can I meet new people?

    There are numerous places that offer space to meet and exchange with new people. Under Meeting Places we have gathered a range of those places where locals and newcomers can meet.

    Additionally, there a special online platforms where you can connect with other people. They are either more general or thematically specialized, for example


Offers for refugees

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