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There are various options and offers for learning the German language. First, you should find a suitable language course. To do this, you need to take a placement test. The placement test helps you to find the right course for you. You can take the placement test at different course providers. After the test, you will find out which type of course is right for you.

In Bremerhaven there are institutions everywhere that offer different German courses. Below you will find different types of courses such as first orientation courses, Integration courses and Vocational German courses. You can also find other offers for learning German such as language cafés.

If you are newly arrived in Bremerhaven, you can ask about German courses at your accommodation or at a advice centre.

Are you looking for general advice on German courses? You did not get a place in a German course? Then you can contact, for example, the Language Coordination Office.


  • How do I find the right German course?

    There are institutions that can help you find the right German course for you. For example, there is the Beratung der Koordinationsstelle Sprache.

    In addition, every course provider offers course counselling.

  • What do language level like A1, B2 and C1 mean?

    To classify how well somebody can handle a language there are different levels:

    A: Beginner

    A1 – making use of everyday expressions being able to comprehend and use simple phrases

    A2 – being able to understand and use simple phrases and frequently used expressions and to communicate in simple situations

    B: Speaking independently

    B1 – being able to understand key points when standard language is used on familiar subjects, such as work, school, leisure. Speaking about simple and coherently about familiar subjects and personal fields of interest.

    B2 – Understanding central statements of complex texts on concrete and abstract issues. Being able to communicate spontaneously and fluently in a way that a conversation with a native speaker is possible without much effort on both sides.

    C: Advanced speaking

    C1 – Comprehending a wide range of challenging, longer texts. Using language effectively in professional life.

    C2- Almost perfect use of language!

  • How do I know what my language level is?

    There are level tests that you can take yourself on the internet. You can find the Online Sprachtest der deutschen Welle here.

    With the result of the placement test, you can then go to one of the course providers to find a suitable German course.
    You can also take placement tests at the course providers.

  • What course times are available?

    There are full-time and part-time courses with a maximum of 25 hours per week. The courses take place either in the morning, afternoon or evening.

  • What can I do if I want to learn German, but cannot attend an integrations course yet?

    The Language Coordination Office enables people without access to the integration course to participate free of charge. For further information, please contact the course providers or directly the Language Coordination Office.

    There are also other offers for learning German. You can find some of them in the offers below. You can also ask at counselling centres.

  • Where can I take a certificate exam?

    You can take certificate exams at different locations in Bremerhaven. Find out where you can take the exam at a counselling centre or at a language course provider.

  • Where can I learn German online?

    You can learn German online with the following apps.
    – Federal Office for Migration and Refugees: Ankommen
    – Fun Easy Learn German Learn 6000 words
    – Itech Cloud Apps Learn German with pronunciation
    – Goethe Verlag German for Refugees – 50languages
    – VHS Learning Portal
    – Deutsche Welle, “Nico’s way

  • Are there integration courses with childcare?

    There are no integration courses with childcare in Bremerhaven, but there are language cafés that offer childcare.

    In Bremen City there are integration courses with childcare.

  • What offers are there for adolescents & young adults?

    If you are between 18 and 26 years old and cannot yet speak German very well, you can attend youth integration courses. Get advice on this, for example, at the Pädagogisches Zentrum.

  • What is a "Integrationskurs" (course for integration)?

    Every “Integrationskurs” consists of a language course and an orientation course.

    In the language course, important every day life issues are covered, for example:

    • work and profession
    • vocational training
    • child care
    • shopping and trading
    • leisure and social contacts
    • health, hygiene and the human body
    • media and media usage
    • housing

    In the orientation course, you talk about these issues for example:

    • German legal system
    • history and culture
    • rights and duties
    • different forms of living together in the society,
    • important values such as freedom of faith, tolerance and equal opportunities.

    You complete the orientation course with an exam.

  • Where can I learn to read and write in Bremen?

    You should not only be able to speak German, but also to read and write in Latin script. The literacy courses help you with this. In these courses you learn to read and write the German alphabet. Literacy courses are part of some integration courses.

  • Where can my child learn German?

    The school that you child is going to attend will also register all children with Sprachlernbedarf (need to learn German) with the “Senatorin für Kinder und Bildung” (state department for children and education). Here, they get a place in a “Vorkurs“(special school training for refugees, page in German). This intensive language training takes up to 6 months in primary school and up to 12 months in secondary school. At the same time, pupils take part in regular lessons by the hour. In some emergency accommodations also language courses take place.

  • How can I also learn German?

    There are free language courses and language cafés where you can learn German.

    There is also Deutschstunde – a website where you can search for free German courses in Bremen.


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