Haus der Jugend (youth centre) – Stadtjugendring Bremerhaven

The Stadtjugendring is the umbrella organisation of many youth organisations in Bremerhaven. They organise training and workshops for volunteering teens and educate young people about politics in Bremerhaven.

Everything they offer is voluntary and in most cases free.

Who wants to become involved in Bremerhaven is more than welcome to join.

ProviderStadtjugendring Bremerhaven e.V.
AddressRheinstr. 109, 27570 Bremerhaven

Bildungsbüro: Montag & Dienstag und Donnerstag & Freitag 08:30-12:30 Uhr

Contact PersonFrau Jessica Maasberg
Phone+49 471 3088540
Entrance Haus der Jugend
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Stadtjugendring Bremerhaven e.V.

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