Education is an important foundation for your life in Germany. In Bremerhaven, there are different options to graduate, to make a vocational training, to study or pursue further education. On our page, we give you an overview of the numerous projects, that make it easier for refugees to enter education and finally the integration into the job market. Moreover, you get a first glimpse on the german educational system.

From counselling and assistance, German courses, further education to child care, you can find many offers. In Germany, the universities are particularly important for the integration through education. Also because they have been role models for a culture of welcome for a long time.

  • How does the german educational system work?

    You can find information on the german educational system under german education server.

    Also, this Video explains the educational system.

  • I want to send my children to school - what do I have to consider?

    After you have found accommodation in a transitional home, your children will be reported to the school board and announced in the schools.

    Don’t worry, if your children speak german so well. At school, they will be supported and learn quickly.

    Ask your supervisor for support if you have questions!

  • I want to continue studying! What options are there in Bremerhaven?

    In May 2016, the office “HERE” was opened in the “Haus der Wissenschaft” (house of science). HERE gives advice  for refugees how to study at one of the public universities in de state of Bremen. HERE offers possibilities to learn German and to get prepared for studying.

    More information can be found under

  • I want to improve my German - what language schools are there?

    Here you find a selection of language schools in Bremen.

  • Where can my child learn German?

    The school that you child is going to attend will also register all chilren with Sprachlernbedarf (need to learn German) with the “Senatorin für Kinder und Bildung” (state department for children and education). Here, they get a place in a “Vorkurs“(special school training for refugees, page in German). This intensive language training takes up to 6 months in primary school and up to 12 months in secondary school. At the same time, pupils take part in regulare lessons by the hour. In some emergency accomodations also language courses take place.

  • What are welcome classes?

    The welcome classess are for immigrant students in grades 1-10. The courses are designed to make it easier for them to get started in everyday school life. In the courses, the students learn about school rules and the German school system. They also learn the German language.

    The welcome courses take place at various locations in Bremerhaven.

    For more information, click here:


Offers for refugees

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