Empower children – Rückenwind für Leher Kinder e.V. (support for children from Lehe)

For children between the ages 6-12 we offer free activities which will help them to rely on their own strengths and abilities. We want the children to feel appreciated, accepted and supported.

Together with friends and caregivers we will play, celebrate and have fun.

Projects: children newspaper, cooking club, PC, paint and handicraft, music and dance, table football, darts, piano, sport, experiments, homework support, excursions, wood and metal workshops.

ProviderRückenwind für Leher Kinder e.V.
AddressGoethestraße 35, 27576

Montag-Freitag 15.00-18.00 Uhr
in den Ferien 13.00-17.00 Uhr

Contact PersonFrau Späte, Herr Graß, Herr Becker
Phone+49 471 3917599
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Rückenwind für Leher Kinder e.V.

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