Puppet Theatre for all age groups – Figurentheater Bremerhaven

The Bremerhaven Figure Theatre (40 seats) is a free professional theatre and stands for exciting, intimate, quiet, loud, funny, sad. In summary: a touching theatre for adults but also for children.

With imagination and attention to detail, figures, objects and materials are taken out of their silent world, brought to life and tell the most incredible stories.

In the repertoire: plays for adults and for children.
Guest productions, advice on directing for theatres and set design for other theatres complete the range of services.

The productions are created in cooperation with other theatres and freelance artists (directors, musicians, dancers). Starting from the traditional theatre puppet. In search of the appropriate means of expression, new, cross-border forms of play between performing and visual arts are found. The puppets are created in own workshops.

ProviderPuppet Theatre Bremerhaven
AddressAn der Packhalle V, 27572 Bremerhaven

Den aktuellen Spielplan finden Sie unter www.figurentheater-bremerhaven.de

Contact PersonFrau Annika Jaeger
Phone+49 471 417584
Puppet Theatre Bremerhaven

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