Exhibition, Collaboration – Wilke-Artelier – Verein zur Kunstförderung (association for promoting art)

Every year six guest artists are working and living at the Wilke-Atelier. At the end of their two-month stay they present their art. Everyone who is interested is more than welcome to join at the exhibition. You can find further information on the website www.wilke-atelier.de, in the studio showcase or in the local newspaper.

Moreover, you can support the project by becoming the official pal of the guest artist and support them throughout their stay and the project.

ProviderWilke-Atelier Verein zur Kunstförderung e. V.
AddressAm Alten Vorhafen 2, 27568 Bremerhaven
Contact PersonFrau Liebhild Grotrian-Pahl, Frau Daniela Kramer, Frau Frauke von Oesen
Phone+49 471 200658
Wilke-Atelier Verein zur Kunstförderung e. V.

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