Familienzentrum (Family Centre) Neuelandstraße

The family centre is a community centre and meeting place for families to meet new people and exchange experiences. Moreover, they offer various activities for the whole family.

They offer for example extra help and tutoring in German for women who have a migration background or fled to Germany and currently take German language classes. They will help you to revise and to deepen your knowledge in German language.

On the website you will find a week schedule including all offers of the family centre: week schedule


ProviderEv.- luth. Kirchenkreis Elbe-Weser, Familienzentrum Neuelandstraße
AddressFamilienzentrum Neuelandstraße, Neuelandstr. 71, 27576 Bremerhaven

Nachhilfe Deutsch
Dienstag 15.00-17.00 Uhr

Contact PersonFrau Sonja Gronewold
Phone+49 471 94466955
Entrance Familienzentrum Neuenlandstraße
© Ev.- luth. Kirchenkreis Elbe - Weser
Ev.- luth. Kirchenkreis Elbe-Weser, Familienzentrum Neuelandstraße

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