German language courses for women

German courses are offered which are only for women. For example, the Mum learns German courses, MiA courses and women’s integration courses (BAMF).

The Mum learns German courses take place at institutions such as kindergartens or schools. Participants can join the course directly  after bringing their child to childcare . If you are interested, please contact the Language Coordination Office.

The MiA (“Migrantinnen einfach stark im Alltag”) courses are offered by women for women. The MiA courses usually take place in a classroom.
There you talk about topics that are important to you. You can improve your German. On some days you go outside together, for example to get to know the city. MiA courses often include other activities, such as sewing, singing or painting. MiA is a course in which women strengthen each other. They give each other courage. They learn and experience many new things.

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