German language courses A1-B2 – Volkshochschule Bremerhaven

These language courses are about learning fundamental communication skills in German.

Goals of these language courses are:

  • understand and use familiar/everyday expressions in easy sentences
  • introduce yourself as well as other people and being able to ask and answer questions like where they live, what they own etc.
  • to communicate in an easy way (talk, understand, respond)

Before you register for a course, please do the free test ( in order to rank your language level and contact the Volkshochschule  (Tel. 0471 5904745 oder +49 471 5904774). They will help you to find the right course which fits your individual language level best.

ProviderVolkshochschule Bremerhaven
AddressLloydsr.15, 27568 Bremerhaven
Contact PersonFrau Cora Kielhorn
Phone+49 471 5904750
Foto vom Eingang zur Volkshochschule Bremerhaven
© Helmut Gross
Volkshochschule Bremerhaven

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