Integration courses

In an integration course you will not only learn to speak better German, but also something about the culture and life in Germany. Each integration course consists of a language course and an orientation course.

In the language course you will learn German and talk about important topics from everyday life. These include, for example, work and occupation, education and further training, childcare and education, shopping, trade and consumption, leisure and social contacts, health and hygiene, media and media use and living.

In the orientation course you will learn about the German legal system, history and culture, rights and duties in Germany, forms of living together in society, values that are important in Germany, tolerance and equality. The orientation course ends with a final test.

There are also special integration courses that are for a specific group of people. The following courses fall under this category:
– Literacy courses
– Second language courses
– Women’s courses
– parenting courses
– Youth integration courses
– remedial courses
– Intensive courses

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