find a job & apply

Do you have a recognized degree or experience in a profession that allows you to work in Germany? Then you can apply for a job at companies. You can find vacancies in job portals. However, you can also simply apply to a company you would like to work for. This is called speculative application. You can find out what is important in an application in the application category. If you are looking for further training or retraining, you will find more information in the category qualification and further training. You have not yet found the right job? Then you can get support in a career counseling. You can also do an internship with many companies to get to know a new profession and company. An overview of different professions can be found on, for example. If you want to do an apprenticeship, you will find more information about the different types of education in the category education. This part also provides information on how to find an apprenticeship. Information about self-employment in Bremen can be found in the category self-employment. No matter what situation you are in – there are counseling centers that support you on your way to work and help you to find the right thing!

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