Training/retraining to become a teacher

You can train or retrain to become a teacher at the Paritätisches Bildungswerk.

Teachers work with children or young people, e.g. in crèches, day nurseries, after-school care centers, all-day schools, leisure facilities, curative education facilities, inpatient child and youth welfare services.

The training/retraining is for people from Bremen/Bremerhaven who fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • School-leaving certificate (Realschule) and three years of relevant professional experience (working with children or young people
  • School-leaving certificate (Realschule), vocational training and at least 900 hours of relevant work experience
  • Equivalent school-leaving certificate from another country, proof of German language skills at B2 level and three years of relevant professional experience
  • at least two years of relevant vocational training (e.g. socio-educational assistance)
  • University entrance qualification and at least 900 hours of relevant work experience

Lessons include:

  • German and communication
  • Society and politics
  • Forming pedagogical relationships
  • Educational work with groups
  • Designing socio-pedagogical education processes
  • The holistic promotion of health development
  • Recognising natural and environmental educational contexts, ecological practices
  • Legal and administrative foundations for socio-educational work
  • Forming educational partnerships with parents and caregivers
  • Team development
  • Cooperating with institutions and networks

You must complete a 12-month internship before you the state will recognise you as a teacher. Depending on your background, existing practical periods may be credited towards the length of the internship. You will plan and prepare for your work placemen as part of your vocational training.

You will sit a state examination to become a teacher at the end of your course.

For more information, visit the provider's website or call.
ProviderParitätisches Bildungswerk Bremen | Bremerhaven
AddressPostbrookstraße 91, 27574 Bremerhaven
Contact PersonFrau Natalia Dau
Phone+49 0471 30003092
Last checked: 06.12.2023

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