Women’s Counselling Cenre ZiB “Future at Work” – AfZ

The ZiB Women’s Counselling Centre is open to all women who have questions about their professional future. For ZiB, it is important to know what ideas, thoughts and questions the women have. Together, professional possibilities and paths are worked out based on these individual wishes and ideas.

The counselling is open to all women, regardless of whether you have a job or not or want to get back into a profession. The offer is for women with and without migration background. You will be advised on various topics; for example, on further education, the workplace or part-time vocational training.

The counselling centre advises you on:

  • Vocational counselling for orientation and further education
  • Application strategies, support in the search for a job and
    preparation for the job interview
  • Possibilities of professional (re-)entry
  • Change and career planning
  • Advice on retraining/training part-time
  • Orientation on the continuing education market and assistance in selecting suitable retraining and continuing education courses
  • Overview of funding opportunities
  • Information on childcare options
  • Reconciliation of family and career/training/studies
  • Business start-up advice and support
  • Networking

The consultations are free of charge, independent and confidential.
Supported by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe with funds from the European Social Fund and Bremen.

Further information is available in this flyer..

ProviderArbeitsförderungs-Zentrum im Lande Bremen GmbH
AddressErich-Koch-Weser-Platz 1, 27568 Bremerhaven

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Contact PersonFrau Juliane Weickhardt
Phone+49 471 9839925
Arbeitsförderungs-Zentrum im Lande Bremen GmbH

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