vocational training

In order to find employment in Germany it is important to complete an apprenticeship or academic studies.

An apprenticeship usually takes two to three years. There are three different types of apprenticeship:

1. A working apprenticeship where you work in a business and learn on the job.

2. A school apprenticeship where you visit the “Berufsschule” (training school).

3. A dual apprenticeship which combines theory and practice.

In order to have access to an apprenticeship you are usually required to have at least a secondary school certificate. If you have already obtained a school-leaving certificate in your home country, you should find out whether the certificate is recognized in Germany. In the category recognition you will find advice centers and more information.

Another way to qualify for a profession is to study at university.

There are also other ways to learn a profession. You can get advice on this from the job center, for example.

To find out which profession suits you best and which degree you need, you can ask at various advice centers.

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