In Germany, people with handicap get special support. They should not have disadvantages participating in social life because of their handicap. Therefore they receive special social benefits, for medical rehabilitation for example.

They are entitled to those benefits on the grounds of the “Sozialgesetz” (social law), in order to be able to participate in work and social life the best way possible.

Refugees with a handicap are under special protection (besonders schutzbedürftigen Flüchtlinge) according to the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (law on social benefits for asylum seekers).

If you or a family member does have a handicap, contact the staff in your housing facility or get in touch with one of the counselling centres listed in the offers below.


  • What is a handicap?

    According to § 2 I 1 SBG IX  (special section in the 10th book of social law) there is a legal definition for a handicap. It says, that if the physical funktion, cognitive capacity or mental health differs for longer than 6 months from the usual state typical for the age, one can speak of a handicap.

  • I have a handicap and need special utilities. What can I do?

    With the Gesundheitskarte der “AOK”  (healthcare ID of the “AOK”) you can get special utilities up to an amount of 2.000,00 € by applying this support. If you need more than 2.000,00 €, you have to consult the “Amt für Soziale Dienste”, before the special utilities are granted.

  • What is a "Behindertenausweis" (handicapped ID)?

    The Gesundheitsamt (local health authority) decides whether somebody is recognised as handicapped. For this purpose, the so-called “Grad der Behinderung (GdB)” (degree of disability) is determined. This numerical value says how severe the handicap is. According to this value , the “Schwerbehindertenausweils” (handicapped ID) is issued.

    The handicapped ID contains information about the “Grad der Behinderung (GdB)” and the kind of handicap.  If the “Grad der Behinderung (GdB)” is higher than 50, you are “schwerbehindert”, which means that your handicap is especially severe.

    Under certain conditions and depending on the level of your handicap, you can use public transport for free (after paying a yearly fee of 80€) and get reductions for admission to events. It may also be, that you can take a person with you for free.

    In order to get a Behindertenausweis” , you need to apply at the “Amt für Versorgung und Integration Bremen / Außenstelle Bremerhaven” (AVIB).

  • Can I use public transport with my wheel chair?

    Yes, busses in Bremerhaven are accessible, so that you can  use them with a wheel chair. Usually, there is a foldable ramp or a lift in front of the vehicle.


Offers for refugees

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