Information centre for people with disabilities, relatives and people who might develop a disability in near future – EUTB Bremerhaven

The information centre is for everyone, who has a disability. Moreover, relatives, acquaintances and friends of a person with disabilities can also make an appointment. There is no membership or any other requirements needed, the service is free. The information center works upon peer-counseling which means that the consultants have a disability, too or at least know and understand the situation.

At the moment many counselling offices are closed to the public. Please ask via phone or email if they still offer counselling. In many cases counselling can be done by phone or email. Many other offices and venues are completely closed. Most of the courses and activities have been canceled. If you need to know about the status of this place or activity, please contact them first.
ProviderEUTB Bremerhaven
AddressStedinger Straße 2, 27568 Bremerhaven

Montag bis Donnerstag von 8:00 bis 16 Uhr und Freitag von 8 Uhr bis 12 Uhr

Contact PersonFrau Katharina Schmid
Phone+49 471 9545960
Contact PersonFrau Monika Eberlein
Phone+49 471 9545961…
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