Fachbereich Wohnen (living department) – Elbe-Weser Welten gGmbh

Der Fachbereich Wohnen (living department) offers adults who are mentally, physical, psychological or wholly disabled a flexible assisted living. It considers their individual wishes and expectations. Depending on how much assistance is needed, there are various living options to choose from.

ProviderElbe-Weser Welten gGmbH
AddressKrüselstraße 18A, Bremerhaven

8.00-16.00 Uhr

Contact PersonFrau Martina Hanke
Phone+49 471 926 898 342
Foto vom Eingang zum Fachbereich Wohnen
© Elbe-Weser Welten gGmbH
Elbe-Weser Welten gGmbH

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