Integrationsfachdienst (integration/inclusion service) Bremerhaven/Wesermünde – eww

The Bremerhaven/Wesermünde integration and inclusion service is offering support for people with disabilities:

  • if there are problems with their current oocupation
  • if their job is at risk
  • if they are looking for a job or professional training which fits their personal needs
  • if they need support with their current occupation and contract
  • if they are employed at a workshop for the disabled and looking for a job at the open job market
ProviderElbe-Weser Welten gGmbH
AddressAm Bredenmoor 4, 27578 Bremerhaven

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Contact PersonFrau Nicole Richter
Phone+49 471 8062090
© Elbe-Weser Welten gGmbH
Elbe-Weser Welten gGmbH

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