Anti-discrimination counselling – ADA

If you are discriminated at work or while job-seeking, the anti-discrimination counselling team (Antidiskriminierungsstelle ADA – anti-discrimination in the workspace) will help you independently, free of charge and anonymously. Employers can also be advised in anti-discrimination.

You will be assisted to better understand situations of discrimination and how you can navigate through them. Moreover, you can get contact to counselling services, lawyers, labour unions, therapists or self-help groups.

You can choose between various counselling services, a personal appointment at the ADA-office, phone counselling or online counselling via e-Mail or chat. The counselling services are offered in german, english or turkish. If you wish counselling in another language just ask the contact person.

For more information, visit the provider's website or call.
ProviderAntidiskriminierungsstelle ADA (Antidiskriminierung in der Arbeitswelt), IQ-Netzwerk
AddressBahnhofsplatz 22-28, 28195 Bremen

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Phone+49 421 9608914 (Antidiskriminierungsberatung)
Last checked: 05.12.2023

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