Anti-discrimination & Diversity

The issues of anti-discrimination and diversity are also becoming increasingly important in working life. Because even in working life there are always cases where people are discriminated against. There are several reasons why people can be discriminated against. These include, for example, gender, religion, origin, language, sexual orientation, disability or age. Therefore it is important that you also deal with the topic of anti-discrimination in your company.

In Bremerhaven, for example, there is the advice center ADA – Antidiscrimination in the World of Work. Here you can get advice on anti-discrimination and participate in various information events and workshops.

Diversity means diversity – because people are unique, different and yet the same. Diversity is about dealing with social diversity in a conscious and appreciative manner.

In Bremerhaven, there are various consultations and training courses on the topic of diversity, which in some cases are even free of charge for companies. Get advice. Support for the cultural opening of your company can be found, for example, in intercultural organizational consulting and support.


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