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The aim of the “EHAP” project is to improve the living situation of people who are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. There is counselling and support for disadvantaged newly immigrated EU citizens. This includes parents with their children of preschool age up to seven years.

At the moment many counselling offices are closed to the public. Please ask via phone or email if they still offer counselling. In many cases counselling can be done by phone or email. Many other offices and venues are completely closed. Most of the courses and activities have been canceled. If you need to know about the status of this place or activity, please contact them first.
ProviderAWO gem. GmbH
AddressDr.-Franz-Mertens-Str. 5, 27580 Bremerhaven

Täglich 7.30-16.00 Uhr per Telefon und E-Mail erreichbar und gerne einen Termin vereinbaren

Contact PersonFrau Angelika Samoilenko
Phone+49 471 309 40142
Contact PersonFrau Dorota Bondyra
Phone+49 471 309 40140
Entrance AWO EU Office
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