My way as an architect in Germany – NetWork Videopodcast with Taher

“Architecture – that’s not just ten years or fifteen years. You have to gain life-long experience”

Taher came to Germany in 2016. He studied architecture in Iran and has also worked as an architect. In Bremen he first improved his language skills in the courses of HERE Studies. Taher then received support from the Chamber of Architects and Engineers for the recognition of his professional experience as an architect. He now works with his boss Peter at Sprenger Planning Office to learn about German building laws and to further improve his German language skills. This work is sponsored by the job centre.

In a few years, Taher also plans to earn his master’s degree, which will allow him to continue to improve his skills.

We thank Taher for the insight into his life and Peter for his hospitality. Thanks to everyone involved for the great shoot!

The videos are available with subtitles in English, German, Arabic and Farsi. Select whether you want to see subtitles in the video settings.

This video portrait is part of the Welcome to Bremen NetWork video podcast. Welcome to Bremen NetWork is part of the nationwide support programme “Integration through Qualification” (IQ)”. The support programme “Integration through Qualification (IQ)” aims at the sustainable improvement of the labour market integration of adults with a migration background.

Welcome to Bremen NetWork – because together we can do more!

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