Welcome Service – Company Advice Bremen

The “Willkommensservice” (Welcome Service) provides information for people from other countries that have founded companies (or are in the process of starting companies). This service can help you with all questions you may have from visa applications to daily life in Bremen.

The Welcome Service also helps companies from Bremen who want to employ foreign specialists and highly qualified personnel. The Welcome Service gives these companies advice regarding rights for foreign employees and can answer all profession specific questions. It also helps them if they need to fill out and submit applications for their foreign employees at other agencies.

ProviderUnternehmensservice Bremen (service for companies)
AddressHinter dem Schütting 8, 28195 Bremen
AdresseHinter dem Schütting 8, 28195 Bremen
Contact PersonManuel Kühn
Phone+49 421 163399477
Phone+49 421163399480
Unternehmensservice Bremen (service for companies)

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