Counseling for women and couples – pro familia Bremerhaven

You can get information regarding issues like pregnancy and relationships at pro familia, for example:

Information to pregnancies:

  • contraception
  • medical pregnancy assistance
  • crisis before and after birth
  • early child-loss
  • prenatal examinations
  • unplanned/unwanted pregnancy
  • counseling for conflict situation during pregnancy (7 SKG/§ 219,2 STGB)

Information to sexuality and relationships:

  • communication in a relationship
  • crisis in a relationship
  • sexual disfunction
  • handling new life situations
  • affairs/jealousy
At the moment many counselling offices are closed to the public. Please ask via phone or email if they still offer counselling. In many cases counselling can be done by phone or email. Many other offices and venues are completely closed. Most of the courses and activities have been canceled. If you need to know about the status of this place or activity, please contact them first.
Providerpro familia Bremerhaven
AddressAdolf- Butenandt- Straße 2D, 27580 Bremerhaven

Montag und Donnerstag 15.00-18.00 Uhr
Dienstag und Mittwoch 09.00-13.00 Uhr
Freitag 09.00-12.00 Uhr
Termine nach telefonischer Vereinbarung

Contact PersonFrau Jessica Stein, Frau Elma Blank
Phone+49 471 28722
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pro familia Bremerhaven

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