Association of Lawyers

The Bremen Association of Lawyers (Bremischen Anwaltsverein) unifies all lawyers who are accredited by the Bremen Bar Association.

Bremen Association of Lawyers offers free legal service at the district courts of Bremen, Bremen-Blumenthal und Bremerhaven.

In order to use the legal advice service, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • low income (net income for singles € 1.000,00, spouse € 350,00)
  • every additional person living in the same household with own income     € 200,00 and registered in Bremen.
  • not having had previous legal advice in the same case.
ProviderBremischer Anwaltsverein
AddressOstertorstraße 25-31, Bremen
BuildingGlastür neben dem Haupteingang des Amtsgerichts Bremen
Phone+49 421 32 17 78
Bremischer Anwaltsverein

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