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Projektteam Welcome to Bremerhaven
Projektteam “Welcome to Bremerhaven”


The website www.welcometobremerhaven.de is about welcoming all refugees and migrants on behalf of the city of Bremerhaven.
What do I need to know to find my way around Bremerhaven? Where can I go to get advice? welcometobremerhaven.de aims to clearly list and filter important services and contact points for refugees and immigrants in Bremerhaven. The site was designed along the lines of Welcome to Bremen and is available in German, English, Arabic and Farsi. The internationally understandable pictograms and photos are intended to make the content accessible to people who do not speak the languages offered. The website is intended to contribute to integration and effortless participation in social life. In addition to refugees and immigrants, the site is also an important information platform for volunteers, authorities and other stakeholders. The initiators of the project are a cooperative association of the media agencies vomhörensehen & tjards.com, the Language Coordination Office of the State of Bremen and the Magistrate of Bremerhaven. The development of the site was financed by money from the European Social Fund.Do you have any questions or would you like to participate in the project? Then write to us: info@welcometobremerhaven.de

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